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Evaluations are typically 60-90 minutes in length and involve a mixture of parent and child interview, play, and standardized assessment.

individualized Therapy

We operate as experts in communication and you as experts on your family and your child. You are an integral part of the treatment plan and ongoing therapy, and feedback is welcomed.

play therapy

We embed speech and language goals into play activities and the specific interests of your child. No two speech and language therapy sessions are exactly the same, as no two children are the same. 

Home, school, and clinic visits

We know how important it is that learning takes place in a child’s natural environment. That is why we provide speech therapy in a variety of settings, including: home, school, and daycare visits in addition to our Ballard neighborhood clinic.

rates and billing

Therapy, Consultations and Evaluations

Therapy: $155 per 40-minute session
Evaluation: $320 per 60-90 minute evaluation
Consultation: Free 15-minute phone consultation

We are in-network with Premera Blue Cross. For Premera Blue Cross members, Swanson Speech Therapy will bill Premera as an in-network provider, and you will be billed for your responsible portion once payment is received by Premera.

We are considered out of network for all other insurance providers. If we are considered out of network for your insurance provider, you will be billed the full amount of the session on the date of service and provided a superbill monthly if you would like to self-submit for insurance reimbursement. 

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  1. Click here to complete our inquiry form and/or email us to set up a 15-minute consultation call.
  2. After you have completed the inquiry form, we will reach back out to you with a therapist that best fits your needs and preferences
  3. Schedule an evaluation and complete intake forms
  4. Start your speech therapy journey!

We provide a variety of different treatment settings including our clinic space, virtual, your home, and or community settings such as your child’s school or daycare.

The frequency of sessions is dependent on your child’s needs and is determined case by case. However, we typically provide sessions 1-3 times per week for each child we treat.

We accept Premera insurance and are considered an in-network provider for Premera. For all other insurance companies, we are considered an out-of-network provider and families pay directly after each session. Many families that we work with are able to bill insurance themselves with the invoice we provide.

We ask that you play an active role in your child’s speech and language therapy, although that may look different for different clients. Ways that parents have engaged in their child’s therapy in the past include: getting on the floor and playing with the SLP and their child, actively observing and trying strategies used in the session at home, helping their child to play speech “games” at home that have been discussed and played during therapy. If it works out best for your family to have therapy provided at a school or daycare setting, we will put a plan in place to have open communication about strategies used during each session.