What’s in my office? October Book List

October Books

I’ve had some of you request that I share the materials that I regularly use in my speech office, and I thought what a perfect reason for getting this blog going again! 😊 Anyways, I’m going to be starting a monthly series of ‘what’s in my office?!’ to let you all get a peek inside of my speech office and see some of the seasonal materials I like to bring out each year to keep Swanson Speech Therapy fresh and exciting for all of my clients, and let’s be honest, for me too!

For this post I’d like to highlight one of the favorite parts of my office, the books! Books offer a multitude of ways to connect, communicate, and share experiences with your child while working on speech and language development. When I’m thinking of prepping my speech office for next month’s materials my first go to is the books. I always start with the library. Seattle Public library has a great program called begin with books:

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Begin with Books is a themed kit that you can check out just like a book. Each kit includes 5 picture or board books, a parent activity book, music CD, and “activity card” that gives parents ideas of ways to incorporate the kit theme during play. Naturally, my speech office theme this month is Halloween, so the Begin with Books Monsters themed kit was perfect. Two books that I’m using frequently are: NIGHTY NIGHT LITTLE GREEN MONSTER and DON’T PUSH THE BUTTON. Other books that came in the kit: MARILYN’S MONSTER, BUNNIES!!!, and ZIG AND THE MAGIC UMBRELLA. Other books I’ve been loving this month: ROOM ON THE BROOM, FALL MIXED UP, and GO AWAY BIG GREEN MONSTER.

What are some of your favorite October books?